Another great link, kudos to Jeremy for voicing what we’ve thought (or near enough) for so long. Screaming kids on a flight that’s cost many thousands of $$$ or £££, is just not on.
It looks like childfree flights are going to be the way sooner or later, or at least quiet spots. I still don’t understand why it’s ok for us to endure screams for hours on a flight.

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t's been a good while since I posted on the blog as I have been so busy with other projects, however I still read it. The updates from those suffering noisy kids upstairs is saddening, then I get this in my Chilfree Google alert and just have to smile.
Being childfree rocks. And it is great to see people sharing that fact more widely. I as posting this link everyone to read, best place I can think of to share it.
I hope everyone is well.

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Childfree Flights – Can’t Come Soon Enough, What Say You?

April 29, 2012

I gather the April Fool’s joke of childfree flights is gathering legs. Or rather wings.Was it a joke? Or is it a precursor of things to come? Every day there is some mention on childfree flights coming… sometime, or not coming at all. I skip over them now. Personally I would love the option of […]

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December 24, 2011

Just popping in to wish everyone Season’s Greetings. And as it’s Hanukkah as well – Happy Hanukkah. Thank you for all your comments and insights on the childfree blog this year. We  still get hundreds of visitors to it… there are many people who still need to know that there are more childfree people out […]

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Why Are Childfree Articles Magnets for the “Childfree Life Bashers?”

December 2, 2011

So I’ve been very busy for the past few months – but having a lot of fun.  The dance classes are taking off and we’re heading to a great new location in the new year.  Very excited. It’s left me not so much time for even thinking about childfree stuff, let alone blogging about the […]

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$305,000 – The Average Cost of Raising a Child in Canada

October 10, 2011

From a childfree perspective, this rather interesting stat makes me once again glad  decided to be childfree. Even with a good job I am not sure I could have afforded even one. I kind of wonder if I'd think scoring a first hockey goal was worth $500,000. But then I suppose a parent would tell […]

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How Easy are Dating and Relationships for the Childfree?

September 18, 2011

Once upon a time (or so the story goes) there was never any need to bring up the issue of kids or no kids. You met, dated and it was assumed that kids would come along (assuming of course that you both stayed together and got married).  For many people that's still the way the […]

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Childfree – When Confirming a Pregnancy Makes Headlines What Does It Say About Society?

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So, I’ve been home to England for a wonderful holiday. Wasn’t long enough but I’m already planning for next year. I’ve been reading all the great comments on the blog by the way – as usual very enlightening and great conversation going on. Rock on childfree people! Thankfully we had no kids kicking the back […]

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Childfree – No Kids Allowed, Long Overdue or Over The Top?

August 3, 2011

I saw the article about the restaurant that decided enough was enough and banned misbehaving children under a certain age. And I was cheered to read that several other kinds of companies (like airlines) are now actively moving towards child-free flights and services. I think it is long overdue. Of course some irate parents have […]

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