In The Bloginning 6 – How Do I Get Ideas?

This is one where I really hope you’ll share how you get ideas…. Joy already mentioned StumbleUpon.

Ideas. Without them, there’s no blog, no visitors and most certainly no comments!

The fact is, I’m not entirely sure how I get ideas, because I get them in very different ways and inspiration can come from almost anywhere – and at any time. Sometimes an idea just pops into my head – usually when I am thinking about or doing something completely unrelated to blogging, or for that matter, writing. Usually when I have no writing tools to hand either. Because I can be quite forgetful absent-minded I’ve had to learn to grab potential ideas and write them down along with a few thoughts of my own at the time they appear – whenever I can. I may not use them in the end, but at least that way I have the option to use them or not.

Several ideas come from my experiences and I’ll expand them, from stuff I know and am interested in, (my Childfree articles are one example). Or I’ll be reading or listening to something and I’ll think – “That would be interesting to blog about…must find out more.”

Sometimes, particularly when I feel strongly about something it’s hard to write as fast as my brain is cranking out what I want to say… those articles almost write themselves and they’re among the most fun to do.

I read a lot – online and off-line – and that opens up new avenues for ideas. I get inspiration from visiting other blogs, from comments on other blogs and from comments here. From news sites, magazines, newsletters, the world of business and economics, politics, recent events and old events. And let’s not forget those Google searches…

Recently ideas have come from a completely new place – my readers. They send me links to articles they feel I’ll be interested in, or to interesting stories related to being childfree that could do with a bit of discussion on Like It Is. This is great, because it’s hard to find every interesting article out there! Within my niche on Like It Is, (my views on life) anything and everything is fair game as a source of inspiration – since everything is fair game for my opinion!

The wonderful thing about blogging is that depending on your blog, you can decide what works for you. You can get ideas from anywhere – sometimes I find it’s really just a question of looking at something in a different way – which may make you feel as if you’re going out on a limb but – so what? It’s your space.

For me, the real secret to getting ideas is aiming to blog about what you know, or an area you are expert in which you are very interested in and blogging enthusiastically, whatever it is you’re blogging about. Call it your niche. The challenge isn’t so much getting the ideas, it’s translating them into the kind of articles that you enjoy writing and others in enjoy reading.

Have I ever faced bloggers/writer’s block? So far, there are more ideas out there than I have time to write about.

So no. At least not yet. I’m “collecting” ideas wherever I can find them so I plan to have stuff to write about for a while to come.

As a resource for finding ideas for your blog, I find Lorelle’s Blogging Tips – Hundreds of Resources for Finding Content for Your Blog well put together, informative – and a very good start if you’re wondering – “well, what on earth do I blog about now?” Or, Oh no! Where will I find ideas to blog about?!” If you follow even a couple of the points within the niche you’ve chosen, you’ll have a ton of stuff to blog about…

It’s your turn to share!

How are you inspired? How do you get ideas? Are you running out of stuff to blog about? Or do you feel you haven’t even begun? Have you ever faced the dreaded writers’ block?

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