On Octuplets, Having 14 Kids and Other Stupidities of our Times

Mother of octuplets has six other children

I’m not quite sure where to begin with this story. And I’d normally have posted this on Monday, however I thought it couldn’t wait.

While the media swoon (as usual) over this latest multiple birth “miracle”  to me it seems beyond ridiculous. You don’t have to be [tag]childfree[/tag] to feel that either. Not the fact that 8 babies were born – it’s nothing to do with them. They are extremely rare.

No, what’s ridiculous is that this mother who

  • is single, with the stability of the husband being in doubt (I’m not sure whether the husband referred to is the grandmother’s husband or the mother’s. A little confusing)
  • is apparently without two brain cells to rub together
  • is selfish and irresponsible
  • has apparently just declared bankruptcy, so… let’s see now, won’t have money
  • lives with her grandmother, so hasn’t got her own place


has six OTHER children ranging from 7 to 2 years old…

…had fertility treatment. W.T.F?

She refused to have the number of embryos reduced when she knew she was carrying multiples. So that rules out the surprise factor.  But WHY in heaven’s name was she even GIVEN fertility treatment in the first place? She certainly had no problems popping out kids at will.  She clearly wasn’t infertile, so why was she even a candidate for IVF? The clinic that that gave it to her should be held accountable. And maybe it’s time for the money-grubbing fertility industry to be investigated.

How did she even afford IVF? She certainly appears to have no money to look after  6 kids, let alone 14. I presume the already beleaguered tax payer is going to step up to the plate… it’s not as if they can refuse.

More mind-boggling details:

The team of 46 doctors and nurses who delivered the octuplets. 46!

“During the seven weeks, a team of 46 physicians, nurses and other staff members prepared for the births. When they started the delivery Monday, they were in for a surprise.”

But hey –  perhaps this was a  well-thought out plan! Maybe she’s going to get an exclusive story – and sell it for thousands, no millions! She could sell their pictures – what’s good for Brangelina is good for her too, right? After all, Brangie only had twins. Then she could become “independently wealthy” overnight –  and have even more babies! Ugh.

To those who say people have the “right” to have any number of children they want…as usual there is zero mention of responsibility -and zero consideration of exactly what kind of life these children (all 14 of them) will have – with no apparent means of support. What a surprise.

I feel for the children – and the grandmother. Hope they have several villages standing at the ready to raise those children.

The mother is asking for privacy. I bet she is. She won’t be silent for long though –

In her written statement delivered by Dr. Karen Maples of the Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center in California, the woman who delivered eight babies in five minutes said she would soon make public the details of her “miraculous experience.”

But of course she will.

Beyond ridiculous and beyond irresponsible on so many levels.

Edit: More difficult questions arising – looks like she had  multiple IVF treatments:

Over to you.