On Octuplets, Having 14 Kids and Other Stupidities of our Times

Mother of octuplets has six other children

I’m not quite sure where to begin with this story. And I’d normally have posted this on Monday, however I thought it couldn’t wait.

While the media swoon (as usual) over this latest multiple birth “miracle”  to me it seems beyond ridiculous. You don’t have to be [tag]childfree[/tag] to feel that either. Not the fact that 8 babies were born – it’s nothing to do with them. They are extremely rare.

No, what’s ridiculous is that this mother who

  • is single, with the stability of the husband being in doubt (I’m not sure whether the husband referred to is the grandmother’s husband or the mother’s. A little confusing)
  • is apparently without two brain cells to rub together
  • is selfish and irresponsible
  • has apparently just declared bankruptcy, so… let’s see now, won’t have money
  • lives with her grandmother, so hasn’t got her own place


has six OTHER children ranging from 7 to 2 years old…

…had fertility treatment. W.T.F?

She refused to have the number of embryos reduced when she knew she was carrying multiples. So that rules out the surprise factor.  But WHY in heaven’s name was she even GIVEN fertility treatment in the first place? She certainly had no problems popping out kids at will.  She clearly wasn’t infertile, so why was she even a candidate for IVF? The clinic that that gave it to her should be held accountable. And maybe it’s time for the money-grubbing fertility industry to be investigated.

How did she even afford IVF? She certainly appears to have no money to look after  6 kids, let alone 14. I presume the already beleaguered tax payer is going to step up to the plate… it’s not as if they can refuse.

More mind-boggling details:

The team of 46 doctors and nurses who delivered the octuplets. 46!

“During the seven weeks, a team of 46 physicians, nurses and other staff members prepared for the births. When they started the delivery Monday, they were in for a surprise.”

But hey –  perhaps this was a  well-thought out plan! Maybe she’s going to get an exclusive story – and sell it for thousands, no millions! She could sell their pictures – what’s good for Brangelina is good for her too, right? After all, Brangie only had twins. Then she could become “independently wealthy” overnight –  and have even more babies! Ugh.

To those who say people have the “right” to have any number of children they want…as usual there is zero mention of responsibility -and zero consideration of exactly what kind of life these children (all 14 of them) will have – with no apparent means of support. What a surprise.

I feel for the children – and the grandmother. Hope they have several villages standing at the ready to raise those children.

The mother is asking for privacy. I bet she is. She won’t be silent for long though –

In her written statement delivered by Dr. Karen Maples of the Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center in California, the woman who delivered eight babies in five minutes said she would soon make public the details of her “miraculous experience.”

But of course she will.

Beyond ridiculous and beyond irresponsible on so many levels.

Edit: More difficult questions arising – looks like she had  multiple IVF treatments:

Over to you.

64 thoughts on “On Octuplets, Having 14 Kids and Other Stupidities of our Times

  1. Lee

    Mrs. Ogre: Not if I live to be one thousand years old would I give that woman money. I am more than happy to donate to anyone who ends up in dire straits through unfortunate events. Somebody who knowingly creates her own car wreck better be creative.

    She needs help!


    Well did she ask her friends, family community, church and state if they were interested in “helping”? Me thinks not! What are these people like?!

  2. Lee

    Fund raising tip for octomom. Probably a good idea to nix the lip injections when asking for donations to supplement your food stamps.

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz….

  3. CFSinceSix

    Lee, she’s also had her nails done. Because, of course, every mom with newborns, especially 8, really cares about neat french manicured nails.

    BTW, the website is registered to her PR firm. Don’t recall the name off hand, which is fine, I don’t want to give either of them free advertising.

  4. skoora the gentle shark

    Just quickly…

    …over at the LA Times many readers are commenting on her obviously-hacked features (botox? collagen lips?).

    First time I saw her I thought, “She looks like the Easy Bake Oven version of Angelina Jolie.”

    Well well well. Looks like I’m not alone!

  5. skoora the gentle shark

    Forgot to add that the LA Times discussion included someone’s laying out of these facts (in their words/punctuation):

    1)Worker’s Compensation for six years after only two years work: total, $165K not counting medical bills also paid.
    2)Another $100K settlement after a car accident.
    3)Medi-Cal for any medical expenses not covered by Worker’ Comp.
    4)SSI for three of her first six children.
    5)Medi-Cal for all six children including one set of twins.
    6) Medi-Cal for this sixth pregnancy resulting in octuplets.
    7)Medi-Cal for the medical expenses of all eight infants.
    8)Food Stamps.
    9) Probably went to school on a Pell Grant and may have gotten money from Vocational Rehabilitation as well. But this lady is not on Welfare. Right. This guilt free con-artist thinks she is entitled to all the above. If she receives any money at all from this, she needs to first pay back the state of California.

  6. mercurior

    apparently the pr firm has quit, but she has a new one, run by a church pr unit.

    she according to rumour has been given a house by the same said church.

  7. CFSinceSix

    IMO, the grandmother should sue her ungrateful daughter for rent. It’s unfortunate those babies will suffer due to the mother they “won” in the “Who’s my mommy and daddy?” lottery of birth.

  8. mercurior

    Dr Kamrava is alleged to have ignored the directives, transferring six into the unemployed single mother, who already had six children at the time of the octuplets’ conception. Two of the embryos spit, according to Miss Suleman, resulting in the birth of six boys and two girls on January 26th.

    The 49-year-old expectant mother already has three adult children, but wanted a baby with her new husband, who is believed to be almost 20 years her junior, according to reports.

    She is said to be around five months’ pregnant, and has been admitted to the LA County-USC Medical Centre where she is expected to remain on bed rest until the birth. She was moved from the Good Samaritan hospital because does not have adequate medical insurance, the LA Times claims.


    warning same pictures

  9. Ella Jean

    Who does she think she is. . . . all of us got problems. I won’t even give her a dime for her stupidity. Our State needs help to. . . . She dig her hole so go jump unto it. You think you can get help from the State for having too many babies? You are mistaken, people are not crazy to come your aide. . . everybody needs help specially this time of recession.

  10. og217

    Have you seen photos of her with cups of Starbucks? How does this welfare trash have the audacity to go pay for $8 lattes with tax payer dollars and then whine about her litter “needing help”???

  11. Lee

    Can someone please put this doctor behind bars already??? Another batch of babies with no visible means of support on the way, so this “m.d.” can drive up success statistics. And now Nadya is looking at a $1.5 million dollar home. I think she and her mother are getting paid to perform faux fights on radaronline every other day. The whole family is criminally insane. Watching Ms. Suleman espouse her psycho-babble about “letting go” is enough to make me rip out my eyebrows.


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