Kids Love Parents Unconditionally, Even as Adults. Seriously?

I mean, seriously?

My readers have done it again. Thank for sending me what has to be one of the more ridiculous posts I’ve read in a while. Keep the links coming everyone…they are much appreciated because they invariably make for great discussions. On to this week’s find.

What’s ridiculous about the 40 Reasons to have kids (apart from some of the 40 reasons to have kids), is that it’s supposedly a “one-up” type reaction to Corrine Maier, the oft-lambasted mother who says she regrets having kids. Actually worse than lambasted. Because she’s been rather too honest about what many mothers secretly think, she’s probably been branded wrong – to put it mildly.  So the National Post felt it had to respond in kind… with 40 reasons to have kids.

40 Reasons to have kids?

It’s interesting how parents got their knickers in a twist at Ms Maier… because they were not her audience. Single (childfree) women were her main audience. But that didn’t seem to matter to those who felt moved to tell her she was an evil, selfish woman. Sound familiar? And she’s not even childfree!

Here’s what one reader said about Ms Maier and the childfree…

“I do not understand the debate concerning choosing to have children,” wrote Heather Moore. “To me, it’s simple: The human mandate is to procreate. Otherwise there is no reason for our existence. My experience has been that children are a great blessing, and a hell of a lot of work. Those that choose not to have children, as kids would ‘cramp their style,’ are selfish, and all attempts to couch their childless stature as a valid choice ring hollow.”

Luckily we don’t require Heather Moore’s understanding.

And here is a rebuttal to another article by a pro-child-corrine-maier-is-wrong-you-must-have-kids brigade – far more balanced.

In defence of not having kids

Back to the 40 reasons to have kids…how’s this for a reason?

Nothing smells better than freshly washed kids.

Note that most of the reasons to have kids are because of what the kids do for their parent’s?

It’s not that any of these reasons are untrue… what’s odd is the need to make a list in the first place. On the other hand, if we childfree listed the times we’ve been told why we should have kids (regardless of what we want) some of these are probably on the list anyway.

I’ll leave you to make up your minds… as always share your thoughts. What do you think of the list? Of the fact that it was needed?  Here’s a thought… what if we listed all the reasons people have bingoed us with… it’d be more interesting than these 40 reasons….except it will be called. 40 reasons you MUST have kids.

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