Do Childfree People Come Across as Strident and Bitter… or Happy and Contented?

Short… and potentially controversial.

We’re childfree and we’re happy about it. We wouldn’t change our lives for anything. So why is it that more an more I am seeing these kinds of comments…

“I can’t visit any of the childfree forums… everyone there seems so angry…”

“Why are childfree people always angry… and so nasty to parents and kids?”

“I really just want to find a place to discuses the childfree life… but they’re so hard to find….”

“Childfree people do sound rather strident… and bitter….”

After all the bingoes, the misrepresentations, the interrogations and the other tiresome stuff that comes along with the childfree life in a pro-natalistic society… it’s rather depressing to think that we’re perceived as strident and bitter and not  quite as happy and contented as we say we are.

And are these descriptors coming from parents? The answer may surprise you, because…

No.  They are mostly coming from other childfree people. And I find that both surprising and disturbing. The other day I got an email (by no means the first) from a childfree reader who said she enjoyed the blog because of the mature discussions and that, while people speak their minds and rarely beat about the bush there wasn’t the anger that said person encountered on other childfree forums.. and which they said they could no longer visit. I asked my husband what he thought (as he sometimes reads childfree blogs).

Let’s just say that although we’re happy and contented, it’s not the vibe he gets online.

I’ve always maintained that every forum, blog etc is different. Also that childfree people need a place to vent and let off steam and childfree blogs and forums should be the place they can do it (they often can’t do it off-line). But it’s a troublesome thought that as a group we’re being perceived as a bunch of angry people who just complain about parents and hate kids.  Because we’re most certainly not that at all.

What do you think, childfree readers? Keep in mind I’m talking about online rather than off-line.