If Missing out on Motherhood is a “Result” of “Fanatical Feminism” Has Anything Changed?

Hello folks,

Blogging about the life Childfree hasn’t really been at the top of my agenda for the past few months. There just hasn’t been the time. My dancing school is growing and is more and more fun and to be frank I don’t have that much time to think about child free-ness. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten any of you… and I hope you’re all doing well. I’m amazed that my blog still gets so much traffic, pleased as well since there are always people new to being childfree who wonder if they’ve landed from another planet when they meet all the opposition to being childfree.

I have to say (again) that finding an activity where most of the people are single is a great way to meet other childfree people. And of course dancing is right up there… not only because so many are single (we do have couples too) but because it actually helps build confidence – on and off the dance floor. You need confidence to stick to the path that is for you. When most of the world would have you think your path heads off into oblivion you need confidence and a good dose of courage and the determination to find like-minded folk.

But anyway, enough about dancing for now. I came across this article on my Facebook and thought it was an interesting one to share.

How a Mothers Fanatical Feminist Views Tore Apart Daughter of the Color Purple Author

I wanted to start by writing my own views, but I reconsidered and thought I’d throw it open to anyone who wanted to comment first. The first thing that struck me was the undertone (or is overtone?) of deep resentment. Understandable perhaps.

The next thing that I noticed was there would be absolutely no understanding or acceptance of being childfree, or even how anyone could want to be childfree. Does anyone else think that?

Of course, reading this with my childfree lenses on it may come across more strongly than, say to a mother. However I think it’s still interesting, more so to me than childfree seats on airlines or how the childfree should get along with the childed. I’m not a feminist and I know that being childfree doesn’t necessarily mean being a feminist.

If you feel moved to, add your comments – for new commentators please read the commenting policy. We’re to the point but polite on this blog so if that’s going to be a challenge best not to comment.

I note the Daily Mail isn’t accepting any comments on the article at all. I’ve left the full link below.