Childfree: So Are We, Deep Down, Feeling We Missed Out on Having Children?

The comment below was left on an older post by a (I am  assuming)  a childed person on a childfree blog. Said person has quite a firm belief about some childfree people, which is, quote:

I firmly believe that some childfree people out there, deep down inside, feel they missed out on an element of life – having children. They will never know what its like to look into the eyes of a newly born, or newly adopted child. And that is the real reason for the bitter remarks they make online every day.

Most childfree people I know don’t have any regrets. Most chose to be childfree because they didn’t want children. But let’s imagine there were an element of regret… somewhere. Do people seriously believe that’s the source of “bitter remarks they make online every day?” I think not.  In fact, I’d hazard a guess that most so-called bitter remarks stem from having to put up with parents insisting anyone who doesn’t have kids will somehow regret it it. Or people who persist in asking when they are “going to have kids” or “why they don’t have kids.”

And after all, if a childfree person really wanted to suddenly have the pitter-patter of tiny feet, they can always adopt. And as many childfree people are aunts, uncles or have friends with kids there is plenty of opportunity to look into newly born babies eyes if they really want to.

They are just not that interested.

Your thoughts?