Childfree Flights – Can’t Come Soon Enough, What Say You?

I gather the April Fool’s joke of childfree flights is gathering legs. Or rather wings.Was it a joke? Or is it a precursor of things to come?

Every day there is some mention on childfree flights coming… sometime, or not coming at all. I skip over them now. Personally I would love the option of choosing a childfree flight. I mean, why should I pay $1,000’s  for my flight to be treated to the mind-numbing sound of screaming babies or have to endure small kids kicking my seat?

I’ve just booked my flight back home to the UK in August for a visit and I all I can do is hope against hope that any screaming kids and small kids are far away from me. And then I will also get ear-plugs, just to be on the safe side. I usually read or sleep on the flight, however when babies are crying it’s almost impossible to do either.

It’s a no-brainer (at least to me), if there’s a market for childfree (and peaceful) flights I think there should be options to choose them. Instead, the  childfree minority are forced to suffer in silence. Actually, I am pretty sure there are plenty of parents who may travel with older children or no children who would take advantage of childfree flights. Yet, some are saying they can’t have childfree flights because it might be seen as discrimination against people with kids. What?!? What about those who would prefer to travel in peace and quiet? And so what if it does seem like that anyway? For years we’ve had to put up ear-splitting crying as part and parcel of a flight because that’s the way it’s always been.

When booking my expensive flight back home I said I hope there are no small kids or babies sitting near us.  I was told they couldn’t guarantee it. So I have to hope we will be as fortunate as we’ve been the past few years – where the baby (babies) crying was audible but not next to us. And no young kids kicking us in the back. I get that babies cry… they are babies.  I feel sorry for babies on take-off and landing because I know it hurts their ears… no wonder they cry.

I just don’t see why I need to have my travel ruined by it. So parents have the responsibility for their children… maybe don’t travel with them until they are older? Just a thought.

As for kids kicking the back of seats…completely down to the parents.

But this is why childfree flights would be so great.

Childfree flights… what say you? Are they coming? Can we do more to usher them in? Or is this yet another put up and shut up, cause, as we are told, they are just kids (much like the noisy neighbours who refuse to control their kids in apartments).